About the Video Games category

Here you can Discuss Other things not related to AAVA, such as Video Games.

Topics including Video Games must be appropriate. Any Topic found to not be in accordance to the Forum Rules will be removed, as well as the user suspended, and or possibly terminated.

Rules for Video Game Topics

  • If you are going to post anything related about Video Games, please search before making a topic, as we don’t want duplicate topics clogging the forum.
  • Video Game Guides are allowed, as long as it’s for an appropriate Game.
  • Mature Rated Games can be discussed in here
  • If an Argument erupts in a topic, the topic will immediately be close
  • There will be No PS4 vs Xbox One topics. Every console is great in their own respective ways. Just because you own an Xbox or PlayStation doesn’t mean you are more superior than the other. Enjoy what you have.

If you have any questions and/or concerns, please send me or a Moderator a PM, and we will assist you with what you need