A word from the Administrator (Owner)

Hi everyone,
Thank you all for joining this community. I created this community for all Pilots, Staff, and guests to enjoy and chat around, as well as create topics in which can help boost discussion of said topic.
As the Owner of this community, I’d like to thank everyone for being well behaved, while I do see some off topic chat here and there, I still would like to thank you all for behaving well :).

As you may have noticed, there are three Mods in here:
@Daniel_Cerritos (Admin/owner)
@AmericanAirlines (Moderator)

@AmericanAirlines moderates this community when I am not available. We discusse what to do to improve the community as a team, as well as what we as Moderators should do to keep ourselves in check and not abuse the Role.

While he’s been moderator for a day now, I’d still would like everyone to give @AmericanAirlines a warm welcome for helping the community be a better place.
Not only do we discuss certain Key items about this community, but we also seek and pay attention to our members and make sure they are behaving well.

How we Moderate

While on the topic of Moderating the forum, I would like to note that we aren’t like the Infinite Flight Community. We are a bit more relaxed than the IFC, but we do have rules:


  1. Members May not yell at other members at any time. If there is an issue, please let us know

  2. Topics must be appropriate. While we don’t mind a swear word here and there, please don’t make it into where we must either warn or suspend you or a member

  3. Spamming is semi-allowed here and there, but consistently spamming will get you a warning and possible suspension.

  4. Members who ask for a higher TL level will not get it. You must earn it. If you continuously ask for a promotion, you’ll get a warning and possibly a Demotion, TL locked, or a suspension if it’s persistent.

  5. Posts that have been inactive for a while will close automatically after 3 months of inactivity after the last reply. If a user posts in an old topic, it is considered necroposting, and the user will be warned against posting in old topic Unless it is relavant to the original topic

Warnings and Suspensions

If for some reason we have to warn or suspend you, we will have to, whether you like it or not.

We only suspend you for a certain amount of time so you can collect yourself so your a better member and hopefully come back with a good attitude.

  • 1st warning: We just let you know to please tone down/be careful on whatever is going on

  • 2nd warning: We let you know to please stop the action you are doing, as it’s making you look bad to others. We will then either Lock your TL or if you’re TL3, you will be demoted back to a lower Trust Level.

  • 3rd and Final Warning: This is your last warning. We’ve had enough of your actions and it’s your last chance to improve yourself.


Before suspension, you will be asked to say one last thing. We won’t publicly post it. After your last words, you will then be suspended for a certain amount of time

1st offense: Suspension for a Week

2nd offense: Suspension for a Month

3rd offense: Suspension for a year

4th and final offense: Banned from the community

If you notice, we offer you three chances to improve yourself if you ever are caught doing things not in accordance to the Rules of this community. It’s for everyone, including Moderators.
If a Moderator is caught abusing his/her powers, we will immediately revoke moderation and suspend the user for failure and disobeying orders.

Final Notice

As a final notice, we hope you will enjoy the community to it’s full potential. Invite Freinds and Family, or other Aviation Enthusiasts to this community to help boost discussions and topics.

I hope you all enjoy this community! Thank you all for joining and being an active member here!

-Aviation Airways VA CEO Daniel Cerritos
-Community Owner Daniel Cerritos
-The Moderation team


Yelling! Lots of yelling!

In the library… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


This is awesome I don’t imagine that we will need to use the warning system but it’s there if we need it. :slight_smile:


Although it may be small. You’ve got the right amount of people to either make it hell or make it nice. Depending on the mood


You are correct. Whether small or big, there can still be people who can cause something bad to happen. :slight_smile: